Change, Daily Impulse

Kristin’s daily impulse #7


In the past, BIG fish ate SMALL fish. Today QUICK fish eat SLOW fish. What is the difference today?

Evolution, developments are so quick today. While you are still overthinking an idea or while you are still planning the launch of your great service others are already on the market. How is this possible? The overall speed, the opportunities that are available due to technology, social media (new marketing channels) is not allowing us to work in the same way as we did in the past. If we do so, if we don’t speed up we will be out of the game. Overcome doubts, pain…Just start things to make them happen. In any case, you will win:

You have done it, you didn’t procrastinate, you didn’t block and stop yourself. You will always learn something even it is in the end not a 100% success. But it could be…! Who knows?

What will you try?