Daily Impulse

Kristin’s daily impulse #22


Transformation includes resistance. Resistance causes frustration. It is quite frustrating to work in a resistant environment. This is one reason why high performers quit. They leave the company or they decide to do only what is expected. This is not good for both: the company and the individual.

What is the solution? Train your frustration tolerance! It is like a muscle. Shift your mindset, train it every day, every single moment. It is like in soccer: If your team is already losing the game 0:2, there are two option: Losing the game or doing your best and finally winning the game. It is a decision! Your decision! Losing is 100% secure. Turning it around and winning: 50%. So, go for it! It is always a win. You always grow!

What about your frustration tolerance? How do you protect yourself?